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Kitchen Trends of 2022

  1. Kitchen Cabinets to the ceiling-You are paying for the cabinets so why not use the extra space for seasonal items.

2. Soft colors that are more pastel or muted are beginning to trend. Whether directly on the cabinets or on the walls.

3. Kitchen hoods that are not metal. The use of different materials such as wood, brick, tile make a statement in your kitchen.

4. The mix of metals--Why not use gold handles and stainless for your appliances. Or use brushed bronze with black. These combinations will update any kitchen.

5. A bold pop of color to accent an all white kitchen. Try Emerald, Black or Pink. If it is too much for all of your cabinets choose your island to make that statement.

5. Will you cross over to the dark side? Black kitchens are classic along with dark or mixed countertops.

6. Lastly, a built in coffee bar with espresso machine and storage makes waking up a treat.

7. Multi-Use space is a must in the era of Zoom Calls and working from home.

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